Candy Dispenser – Maker Club project

Skittles, Jelly Beans, Gummy Bears, and Sour Patch Kids? Heck yes!

This year, my Maker club decided to build a candy dispenser as our annual project.

With an Arduino as the brains, any one of four servo motors are activated to dispense the chosen Candy.

Our design was fairly loosely planned and driven by each group member’s curiosities. The user interacts using a rotary encoder with integrated push button, and a 16×2 character LCD screen.

I’ve included the Arduino code and final-product photos below:

Re-programmable 8×8 LED Matrix

An ATTiny85-based LED Matrix “backpack” PCB design.

Back of PCB

Easily re-programmable, low-cost BOM, simple construction, and tons of fun! This small PCB fits to the back of an LED Matrix and drives animations.

Front of PCB

At the heart of the design is an atTiny85 microcontroller. It holds the animation and library to drive the matrix. In addition, a MAX7219 LED driver is used to interface with the matrix.

Matrix when off

Animations can be uploaded over USB and programmed in the Arduino IDE.

Want to build it yourself!? EAGLE schematic and board layout can be found below.


  • 1x ATTiny85 Microcontroller (SMD)
  • 1x MAX7219CNG (THT)
  • 1x 8*8 LED Matrix (I used the LTH1388BSR)
  • 2x 3.6v Zener Diode (for USB Bus)
  • 1x MicroUSB Connector (SMD)
  • 1x 6mm Tact-switch (SMD)
  • 2x 68 ohm resistor (0805)
  • 1x 30k ohm resistor (0805)
  • 1x 1.5k ohm resistor (0805)